Commit 8a8086e6 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Remove "one" keyword argument from getTags()

If one wants to get only the first tag getTag() should be used
This change also helps for typing hints
parent 46b1d670
......@@ -351,9 +351,10 @@ class Node:
Filter all child nodes using specified arguments as filter. Return the
first found or None if not found
tag = self.getTags(name, attrs, namespace, one=True)
assert not isinstance(tag, list)
return tag
tags = self.getTags(name, attrs, namespace)
if not tags:
return None
return tags[0]
def getTagAttr(self,
tag: str,
......@@ -380,13 +381,12 @@ class Node:
def getTags(self,
name: str,
attrs: Optional[Attrs] = None,
namespace: Optional[str] = None,
one: bool = False) -> Union[List[Node], Node, None]:
namespace: Optional[str] = None) -> List[Node]:
Filter all child nodes using specified arguments as filter. Returns the
list of nodes found
nodes = []
nodes: List[Node] = []
for node in
if namespace and namespace != node.getNamespace():
......@@ -398,11 +398,7 @@ class Node:
if one and nodes:
return nodes[0]
if not one:
return nodes
return None
return nodes
def iterTags(self,
name: str,
......@@ -479,9 +475,9 @@ class Node:
Same as getTag but if the node with specified namespace/attributes not
found, creates such node and returns it
node = self.getTags(name, attrs, namespace=namespace, one=True)
if node:
return node
nodes = self.getTags(name, attrs, namespace=namespace)
if nodes:
return nodes[0]
return self.addChild(name, attrs, namespace=namespace)
def setTagAttr(self,
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