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Protocol: Remove deprecated JID methods

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......@@ -741,57 +741,10 @@ class JID(namedtuple('JID',
return f'{localpart}@{self.domain}{domain_encoded}'
return f'{localpart}@{self.domain}/{self.resource}{domain_encoded}'
def bareMatch(self, other):
deprecation_warning('bareMatch() is deprected use bare_match()')
return self.bare_match(other)
def isBare(self):
deprecation_warning('isBare() is deprected use '
'the attribute is_bare')
return self.is_bare
def isDomain(self):
deprecation_warning('isDomain() is deprected use '
'the attribute is_domain')
return self.is_domain
def isFull(self):
deprecation_warning('isFull() is deprected use '
'the attribute is_full')
return self.is_full
def copy(self):
deprecation_warning('copy() is not needed, JID is immutable')
return self
def getNode(self):
deprecation_warning('getNode() is deprected use '
'the attribute localpart')
return self.localpart
def getDomain(self):
deprecation_warning('getDomain() is deprected use '
'the attribute domain')
return self.domain
def getResource(self):
deprecation_warning('getResource() is deprected use '
'the attribute resource')
return self.resource
def getStripped(self):
deprecation_warning('getStripped() is deprected use '
'the attribute bare')
return self.bare
def getBare(self):
deprecation_warning('getBare() is deprected use '
'the attribute bare')
return self.bare
class StreamErrorNode(Node):
def __init__(self, node):
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