Commit 744b7baa authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Dispatcher: Refactor IQ timeout code

parent 452f5eab
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......@@ -459,23 +459,28 @@ class StanzaDispatcher(Observable):
def add_callback_for_id(self, id_, func, timeout, user_data):
if timeout is not None and self._timeout_id is None:'Add timeout source')'Add timeout check')
self._timeout_id = GLib.timeout_add_seconds(
1, self._timeout_check)
timeout = time.monotonic() + timeout
self._id_callbacks[id_] = (func, timeout, user_data)
def _timeout_check(self):'Run timeout check')
if not self._id_callbacks:'Remove timeout source, no callbacks scheduled')
timeouts = {}
for id_, data in self._id_callbacks.items():
if data[1] is not None:
timeouts[id_] = data
if not timeouts:'Remove timeout check, no timeouts scheduled')
self._timeout_id = None
return False
for id_ in list(self._id_callbacks.keys()):
func, timeout, user_data = self._id_callbacks.get(id_)
for id_, data in timeouts.items():
func, timeout, user_data = data
if timeout is None:
has_timeout = True
if user_data is None:
user_data = {}
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