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fix: Client: Disconnect after stream restart in Login mode

RFC 6120 states that ending the stream after successful auth is not
allowed because the stream is considererd ended. Sending </stream:stream>
would run into a parser error. So we restart the stream and end it afterwards.
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...@@ -645,6 +645,11 @@ class Client(Observable): ...@@ -645,6 +645,11 @@ class Client(Observable):
# other connection methods if an error happensafterwards # other connection methods if an error happensafterwards
self._connect_successful = True self._connect_successful = True
if self._stream_authenticated and self._mode.is_login_test:
self.state = StreamState.WAIT_FOR_FEATURES self.state = StreamState.WAIT_FOR_FEATURES
elif self.state == StreamState.WAIT_FOR_FEATURES: elif self.state == StreamState.WAIT_FOR_FEATURES:
...@@ -687,14 +692,6 @@ class Client(Observable): ...@@ -687,14 +692,6 @@ class Client(Observable):
elif self.state == StreamState.AUTH_SUCCESSFUL: elif self.state == StreamState.AUTH_SUCCESSFUL:
self._stream_authenticated = True self._stream_authenticated = True
if self._mode.is_login_test:
# Reset parser because we will receive a new stream header
# which will otherwise lead to a parsing error
self._start_stream() self._start_stream()
elif self.state == StreamState.AUTH_FAILED: elif self.state == StreamState.AUTH_FAILED:
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