Commit 46ac9536 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Structs: Fix AdHocCommand default args

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......@@ -659,12 +659,12 @@ class AdHocCommand(NamedTuple):
jid: JID
node: Node
name: Optional[str]
sessionid: Optional[str]
status: AdHocStatus
data: Node
actions: Set[AdHocAction]
default: Optional[AdHocAction]
notes: list[AdHocCommandNote]
sessionid: Optional[str] = None
status: Optional[AdHocStatus] = None
data: Optional[Node] = None
actions: Optional[Set[AdHocAction]] = None
default: Optional[AdHocAction] = None
notes: Optional[list[AdHocCommandNote]] = None
def is_completed(self) -> bool:
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