Commit 225bfb59 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

UserNickame: Add option to make node public

parent fda964ed
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......@@ -91,13 +91,24 @@ class Nickname(BaseModule):
return nickname.getData() or None
def set_nickname(self, nickname):
def set_nickname(self, nickname, public=False):
task = yield
access_model = 'open' if public else 'presence'
options = {
'pubsub#persist_items': 'true',
'pubsub#access_model': access_model,
item = Node('nick', {'xmlns': Namespace.NICK})
if nickname is not None:
result = yield self.publish(Namespace.NICK, item, id_='current')
result = yield self.publish(Namespace.NICK,
yield finalize(task, result)
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