Commit f22fa200 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Return IQ result on blocking push

parent 2e9de770
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......@@ -2090,8 +2090,11 @@ ConnectionHandlersBase, ConnectionJingle, ConnectionIBBytestream):
def _BlockingSetCB(self, con, iq_obj):
log.debug('_BlockingSetCB'), conn=self,
BlockingEvent(None, conn=self, stanza=iq_obj))
reply = nbxmpp.Iq(typ='result', attrs={'id': iq_obj.getID()},
to=iq_obj.getFrom(), frm=iq_obj.getTo(), xmlns=None)
raise nbxmpp.NodeProcessed
def _nec_blocking(self, obj):
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