Commit b0742377 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Roster: remove asserts

parent 46707606
......@@ -388,7 +388,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
parent_iters = self._get_contact_iter(
big_brother_contact.jid, big_brother_account,
big_brother_contact, self.model)
assert parent_iters, 'Big brother is not yet in roster!'
# Do not confuse get_contact_iter: Sync groups of family members
contact.groups = big_brother_contact.groups[:]
......@@ -445,7 +444,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
if group not in app.groups[account]:
app.groups[account][group] = {'expand': is_expanded}
assert added_iters, '%s has not been added to roster!' % contact.jid
return added_iters
def _remove_entity(self, contact, account, groups=None):
......@@ -464,7 +462,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
iters = self._get_contact_iter(contact.jid, account, contact,
assert iters, '%s shall be removed but is not in roster' % contact.jid
parent_iter = self.model.iter_parent(iters[0])
parent_type = self.model[parent_iter][Column.TYPE]
......@@ -484,10 +481,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
return False
# Remove us and empty groups from the model
for i in iters:
assert self.model[i][Column.JID] == contact.jid and \
self.model[i][Column.ACCOUNT] == account, \
"Invalidated iters of %s" % contact.jid
parent_i = self.model.iter_parent(i)
parent_type = self.model[parent_i][Column.TYPE]
......@@ -529,10 +522,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
big_brother_contact = app.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(
big_brother_account, big_brother_jid)
assert not self._get_contact_iter(big_brother_jid,
big_brother_account, big_brother_contact, self.model), \
'Big brother %s already in roster\n Family: %s' \
% (big_brother_jid, family)
self._add_entity(big_brother_contact, big_brother_account)
brothers = []
......@@ -548,9 +537,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
# or brother already added
assert not self._get_contact_iter(_jid, _account,
_contact, self.model), \
"%s already in roster.\n Family: %s" % (_jid, nearby_family)
self._add_entity(_contact, _account,
......@@ -582,8 +568,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
# Family might not be up to date.
# Only try to remove what is actually in the roster
assert iters, '%s shall be removed but is not in roster \
\n Family: %s' % (_jid, family)
family_in_roster = True
......@@ -594,31 +578,14 @@ class RosterWindow:
# The contact on top
old_big_account = _account
old_big_contact = _contact
old_big_jid = _jid
ok = self._remove_entity(_contact, _account)
assert ok, '%s was not removed' % _jid
assert not self._get_contact_iter(_jid, _account, _contact,
self.model), '%s is removed but still in roster' % _jid
self._remove_entity(_contact, _account)
if not family_in_roster:
return False
assert old_big_jid, 'No Big Brother in nearby family %s (Family: %s)' %\
(nearby_family, family)
iters = self._get_contact_iter(old_big_jid, old_big_account,
old_big_contact, self.model)
assert iters, 'Old Big Brother %s is not in roster anymore' % \
assert not self.model.iter_children(iters[0]), \
'Old Big Brother %s still has children' % old_big_jid
ok = self._remove_entity(old_big_contact, old_big_account)
assert ok, "Old Big Brother %s not removed" % old_big_jid
assert not self._get_contact_iter(old_big_jid, old_big_account,
old_big_contact, self.model), \
'Old Big Brother %s is removed but still in roster' % old_big_jid
self._remove_entity(old_big_contact, old_big_account)
return True
......@@ -682,9 +649,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
jid = app.get_jid_from_account(account)
contact = app.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, jid)
assert not self._get_contact_iter(jid, account, contact,
self.model), 'Self contact %s already in roster' % jid
child_iterA = self._get_account_iter(account, self.model)
self._iters[account]['contacts'][jid] = [self.model.append(child_iterA,
[None, app.nicks[account], 'self_contact', jid, account, None,
......@@ -1047,7 +1011,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
def _really_draw_account(self, account):
child_iter = self._get_account_iter(account, self.model)
if not child_iter:
assert False, 'Account iter of %s could not be found.' % account
num_of_accounts = app.get_number_of_connected_accounts()
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