Commit ac53b453 authored by dkirov's avatar dkirov

ignore messages with no type attribute

parent e1dadf48
......@@ -787,20 +787,11 @@ class ConnectionHandlersZeroconf(ConnectionVcard, ConnectionBytestream):
subject = subject)
self.dispatch('MSG', (frm, msgtxt, tim, encrypted, mtype, subject,
chatstate, msg_id, composing_jep, user_nick))
else: # it's single message
elif mtype == 'normal': # it's single message
if not in no_log_for and jid not in no_log_for and msgtxt:
gajim.logger.write('single_msg_recv', frm, msgtxt, tim = tim,
subject = subject)
if invite is not None:
item = invite.getTag('invite')
jid_from = item.getAttr('from')
if jid_from == None:
jid_from = frm
reason = item.getTagData('reason')
item = invite.getTag('password')
password = invite.getTagData('password')
self.dispatch('GC_INVITATION',(frm, jid_from, reason, password))
if invite:
self.dispatch('MSG', (frm, msgtxt, tim, encrypted, 'normal',
subject, chatstate, msg_id, composing_jep, user_nick))
# END messageCB
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