Commit 959be5b8 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Remove unused code

parent 36a00839
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......@@ -1289,46 +1289,6 @@ class Interface:
self.instances[]['online_dialog']['plain_connection'] = \
PlainConnectionDialog(, on_ok, on_cancel)
def handle_event_insecure_ssl_connection(self, obj):
# ('INSECURE_SSL_CONNECTION', account, (connection, connection_type))
def on_ok(is_checked):
if not is_checked[0]:
del self.instances[]['online_dialog']['insecure_ssl']
if is_checked[1]:
'warn_when_insecure_ssl_connection', False)
if obj.conn.connected == 0:
# We have been disconnecting (too long time since window is
# opened)
# re-connect with auto-accept
obj.conn.connection_auto_accepted = True
show, msg = obj.conn.continue_connect_info[:2]
self.roster.send_status(, show, msg)
obj.conn.connection_accepted(obj.xmpp_client, obj.conn_type)
def on_cancel():
del self.instances[]['online_dialog']['insecure_ssl']
obj.conn.disconnect(reconnect=False), conn=obj.conn,
pritext = _('Insecure connection')
sectext = _('You are about to send your password on an insecure '
'connection. You should install PyOpenSSL to prevent that. Are you '
'sure you want to do that?')
checktext1 = _('Yes, I really want to connect insecurely')
checktext2 = _('_Do not ask me again')
if 'insecure_ssl' in self.instances[]['online_dialog']:
self.instances[]['online_dialog']['insecure_ssl'] = \
ConfirmationDialogDoubleCheck(pritext, sectext, checktext1,
checktext2, on_response_ok=on_ok, on_response_cancel=on_cancel,
def create_core_handlers_list(self):
self.handlers = {
'DB_ERROR': [self.handle_event_db_error],
......@@ -1346,8 +1306,6 @@ class Interface:
'gpg-password-required': [self.handle_event_gpg_password_required],
'http-auth-received': [self.handle_event_http_auth],
'information': [self.handle_event_information],
'insecure-ssl-connection': \
'iq-error-received': [self.handle_event_iq_error],
'jingle-connected-received': [self.handle_event_jingle_connected],
'jingle-disconnected-received': [
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