Commit 75cc8f46 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

[Vardo] conf file for epydoc generation

parent 794a5f33
# Information about the project.
name: Gajim
verbosity: 3
imports: yes
redundant-details: yes
docformat: restructuredtext
# top: gajim
# The list of modules to document. Modules can be named using
# dotted names, module filenames, or package directory names.
# This option may be repeated.
modules: src/* test/*
# Write html output to the directory "apidocs"
#output: pdf
output: html
target: apidocs/
# Include all automatically generated graphs. These graphs are
# generated using Graphviz dot.
graph: all
dotpath: /usr/bin/dot
graph-font: Sans
graph-font-size: 10
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