Commit 72be14a0 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Jingle Audio: Add more log output

parent b22f1bac
......@@ -224,12 +224,15 @@ def _on_gst_message(self, bus, message):
# TODO: Fix it to fallback to videotestsrc anytime an error occur,
# or raise an error, Jingle way
# or maybe one-sided stream?
gerror_msg = message.get_structure().get_value('gerror')
debug_msg = message.get_structure().get_value('debug')
if not self.stream_failed_once:
None, dialog_name='gstreamer-error',
kwargs={'error': message.get_structure().get_value('gerror'),
'debug': message.get_structure().get_value('debug')}))
kwargs={'error': gerror_msg, 'debug': debug_msg}))
sink_pad = self.p2psession.get_property('sink-pad')
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