Commit 4691429a authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann

PluginWindow: Use Gtk.ApplicationWindow and _ui scheme

parent 58dac3ac
......@@ -23,8 +23,6 @@ from import interface
from gajim.common.exceptions import GajimGeneralException
from gajim import dialogs
import gajim.plugins.gui
from gajim.gtk.dialogs import ShortcutsWindow
from gajim.gtk.single_message import SingleMessageWindow
from gajim.gtk.about import AboutDialog
......@@ -51,10 +49,7 @@ def on_preferences(_action, _param):
def on_plugins(_action, _param):
if 'plugins' in interface.instances:
interface.instances['plugins'] = gajim.plugins.gui.PluginsWindow()
def on_accounts(_action, param):
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......@@ -131,4 +131,5 @@ WINDOW_MODULES = {
'SubscriptionRequest': 'gajim.gtk.subscription_request',
'RemoveAccount': 'gajim.gtk.remove_account',
'ChangePassword': 'gajim.gtk.change_password',
'PluginsWindow': 'gajim.plugins.gui',
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