Commit 3b01e506 authored by André's avatar André Committed by Philipp Hörist

CI: Don't upload build to ftp

parent e22de031
Pipeline #4962 passed with stages
in 2 minutes and 50 seconds
......@@ -40,13 +40,9 @@ run-build:
- rm
- tar -uf $GF.tar $GF
- gzip $GF.tar
- rm -rf $GF
- export FN="gajim-$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME-$CI_COMMIT_SHA.tar.gz"
- mv $GF.tar.gz $FN
- scp $FN panoramix:/var/www/gajim/downloads/snap/ci/
expire_in: 1 week
- dist/gajim-$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME-$CI_COMMIT_SHA.tar.gz
- dist/gajim-*.tar.gz
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