Commit 18c422d8 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Move print for debug message

parent 0b6fac44
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......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ import gajim
from gajim.common import config as c_config
from gajim.common import configpaths
from gajim.common import ged as ged_module
from gajim.common.i18n import LANG
from gajim.common.contacts import LegacyContactsAPI
from import Events
from gajim.common.types import NetworkEventsControllerT # pylint: disable=unused-import
......@@ -337,6 +338,8 @@ def detect_dependencies():
for dep, val in _dependencies.items():
log('gajim').info('%-13s %s', dep, val)
log('gajim').info('Used language: %s', LANG)
def get_gpg_binary():
return _dependencies['GPG_BINARY']
......@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@ try:
# Set the env var on Windows because gettext.find() uses it to
# find the translation
os.environ['LANG'] = LANG
print('Found default language: %s' % LANG)
except Exception as error:
print('Failed to determine default language')
import traceback
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