Commit 11570da7 authored by Jonathan Schleifer's avatar Jonathan Schleifer

Fix traceback in MPRIS.

parent a55de9a4
...@@ -130,10 +130,10 @@ class MusicTrackListener(gobject.GObject): ...@@ -130,10 +130,10 @@ class MusicTrackListener(gobject.GObject):
return info return info
def _mpris_playing_changed_cb(self, playing): def _mpris_playing_changed_cb(self, playing):
if playing[0] == 0: if playing:
self.emit('music-track-changed', self._last_playing_music)
self.emit('music-track-changed', None) self.emit('music-track-changed', None)
self.emit('music-track-changed', self._last_playing_music)
def _mpris_music_track_change_cb(self, arg): def _mpris_music_track_change_cb(self, arg):
self._last_playing_music = self._mpris_properties_extract(arg) self._last_playing_music = self._mpris_properties_extract(arg)
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