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remove duplicate entry in changelog

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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Gajim 0.11 (XX December 2006)
* Support for link-local messaging via Zeroconf using Avahi (XEP-0174)
* Automatically connect and disconnect to accounts according to network availability (if Network Manager is present)
* IPV6 support to connect to server
* Ad-Hoc commands
* GNOME Keyring Support (if GNOME keyring is available, manage passwords and save them in an encrypted file)
* Introducing View Menu (GNOME HIG)
* Ability to now hide the Transports group
......@@ -13,6 +14,7 @@ Gajim 0.11 (XX December 2006)
* Better design of User Profile window, with a progress bar
* New Add User dialog, with possibility to register to transport directly from it
* Completion for "Start Chat" input dialog
* Metacontacts across accounts (#1596)
* Ability to have a different spellchecking language in each chat window. (#2383 and #746)
* Forbid to run multiple instances (but you can use differents profiles)
* Ability to save avatar with right click on avatar in chat banner
......@@ -27,17 +29,12 @@ Gajim 0.11 (XX December 2006)
* Fuzzyclock support
* Mute sounds from systray menu
* Add possibility to start a chat or see contact's infos from subscription request window
* Use GnomeKeyring to store passwords if possible
* Use different colors for each participant in groupchats
* Ability to show only Join/Leave in groupchats instead of all status changes
* New possibilities to insert nickname of a participant in groupchat conversations: Tab in an empty line now cycles through nicks, maj+right click->inserts nickname, maj+click on name in gc-roster, /names command to show all users presence
* Fixed bugs when removing or renaming an account with tabs open (#2369 and #2370)
* New translations: Croatian, Esperanto
* Ad-Hoc commands
* Metacontacts across accounts (#1596)
* Gajim now requires Python 2.4 to run
Gajim 0.10.1 (06 June 2006)
* Freeze and lost contacts in roster (#1953)
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