Commit 0521df8e authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

fixes duplicate dict keys. Fixes #7964

parent a7d16036
......@@ -890,13 +890,11 @@ distro_info = {
'Aurox Linux': '/etc/aurox-release',
'Conectiva Linux': '/etc/conectiva-release',
'CRUX': '/usr/bin/crux',
'Debian GNU/Linux': '/etc/debian_release',
'Debian GNU/Linux': '/etc/debian_version',
'Fedora Linux': '/etc/fedora-release',
'Gentoo Linux': '/etc/gentoo-release',
'Linux from Scratch': '/etc/lfs-release',
'Mandrake Linux': '/etc/mandrake-release',
'Slackware Linux': '/etc/slackware-release',
'Slackware Linux': '/etc/slackware-version',
'Solaris/Sparc': '/etc/release',
'Source Mage': '/etc/sourcemage_version',
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