Commit 002556db authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

[mgol] better latex detection regex. fixes #3598

parent 46aac301
......@@ -2319,7 +2319,7 @@ class Interface:
r'(?<!\w|\<)' r'/[^\s/]' r'([^/]*[^\s/])?' r'/(?!\w)|'\
r'(?<!\w)' r'_[^\s_]' r'([^_]*[^\s_])?' r'_(?!\w)'
latex = r'|\$\$.*\$\$'
latex = r'|\$\$[^$\\]*?([\]\[0-9A-Za-z()|+*/-]|[\\][\]\[0-9A-Za-z()|{}$])(.*?[^\\])?\$\$'
basic_pattern = links + mail
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