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.\" 20050818
.TH "Gajim-remote" "1" "August  18, 2005" "Gajim dev team" ""
Gajim-remote \- tool to communicate with a running instance of Gajim
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.B gajim-remote [help] [toggle_roster_appearance] [show_next_unread] [list_contacts] [list_accounts] [change_status] [open_chat] [send_message] [send_file] [contact_info] [account_info] [send_file] [prefs_list] [prefs_put] [prefs_del] [prefs_store] [remove_contact] [add_contact] [get_status] [get_status_message] [get_unread_msgs_number] [start_chat] 
.B Gajim-remote 
is a script to control Gajim by D-Bus
You can report bugs or feature requests in or in the mailing list:\-bin/listinfo/gajim\-devel. You can also find us in our room
Written by Yann Le Boulanger <>, Nikos Kouremenos <> and Dimitur Kirov <>.