• Status Selector was reworked
  • Status Change dialog was reworked
  • Preferences: Added Setting to toggle the use of a keyring
  • Windows/Mac: Gajim notifies now about new updates
  • ServerInfo: Show more details about the current connection


  • The status "Free for Chat" was removed
  • Default status message was removed, use presets instead
  • XHTML: Support for the <img> tag was removed
  • DBus: Ability to change settings was removed
  • Removed ability to ignore TLS errors

Bug fixes

  • #9011 Add support for KDE notification drag and drop
  • #10176 Login Dialog throws error
  • #10192 MUC: Respect print status setting for own status changes
  • #10197 AddContact: Validate JID on input
  • #10200 MUC: Gajim fails to connect to after suspend
  • #10201 GroupchatRoster: Don’t fix height of rows
  • #10208 PluginManager: Show error correctly when plugin removal fails
  • Flatpak: Add hole for kwallet password storage
  • Fix Jingle session termination
  • #10221 ChatControl: Don’t fail when dropping text on chat
  • StatusIcon: Fix setting status