• Add a mobile phone indicator to the chat window
  • Rework HTTPUpload dialog
  • Add a "paste as quote" option to the message input

Bug fixes

  • #8822 Fix memory leak when using spell checker
  • #9514 Fix jingle filetransfers not working in some circumstances
  • #9573 Dont leak DNS query when connecting over proxy
  • #9578 Determine Windows version more reliably
  • #9622 Fix an error while quitting Gajim
  • #9633 Fix an error while sending a file
  • #9637 Restore window size correctly on wayland
  • #9660 GPG Agent setting is ignored
  • #9645 Make zeroconf IPV6 compatible
  • Improve dark theme colors
  • Fix access to GnuPG keys
  • Use UUID4 item ids for pubsub posts
  • Dont send invalid show values
  • Windows: Dont override format region settings
  • Various smaller improvements