Commit ffc762b6 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Fix path to logs.db in history manager

Logs.db is always at data_root, even if we set another config directory with -c
parent 13d86057
......@@ -2856,7 +2856,7 @@ def on_delete_motd_menuitem_activate(self, widget, account):
def on_history_manager_menuitem_activate(self, widget):
config_path = '-c %s' % gajim.gajimpaths.config_root
config_path = '-c %s' % gajim.gajimpaths.data_root
posix = != 'nt'
if os.path.exists('history_manager.exe'): # Windows
helpers.exec_command('history_manager.exe %s' % config_path,
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