Commit ee3cc9cb authored by Sophie Herold's avatar Sophie Herold Committed by Philipp Hörist
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Reduce number of notifications kept in message tray

parent f699df9b
......@@ -1114,27 +1114,23 @@ def handle_incoming_msg_event(self, msg_obj):
# We don't want message preview, do_preview = False
self.popup_text = ''
if msg_obj.mtype == 'normal': # single message
self.popup_msg_type = 'normal'
self.popup_event_type = _('New Single Message')
self.popup_title = _('New Single Message from %(nickname)s') % \
{'nickname': nick}
elif msg_obj.mtype == 'pm':
self.popup_msg_type = 'pm'
self.popup_event_type = _('New Private Message')
self.popup_title = _('New Private Message from group chat %s') % \
if self.popup_text:
self.popup_text = _('%(nickname)s: %(message)s') % \
{'nickname': nick, 'message': self.popup_text}
self.popup_text = _('Messaged by %(nickname)s') % \
{'nickname': nick}
else: # chat message
self.popup_msg_type = 'chat'
self.popup_event_type = _('New Message')
self.popup_title = _('New Message from %(nickname)s') % \
{'nickname': nick}
num_unread = len(, self.jid,
['printed_' + self.popup_msg_type, self.popup_msg_type]))
self.popup_title = i18n.ngettext(
'New message from %(nickname)s',
'%(n_msgs)i unread messages from %(nickname)s',
num_unread) % {'nickname': nick, 'n_msgs': num_unread}
if app.config.get('notify_on_new_message'):
if self.first_unread or (app.config.get('autopopup_chat_opened') \
......@@ -658,9 +658,11 @@ def handle_event_gc_invitation(self, obj):
if helpers.allow_showing_notification(obj.account):
event_type = _('Groupchat Invitation')
text = _('Your are invited to {room} by {user}').format(
Please register or sign in to reply
room=obj.room_jid, user=str(obj.from_))
event_type, str(obj.from_), obj.account, 'gc-invitation',
'gajim-gc_invitation', event_type, obj.room_jid)
event_type, obj.room_jid, obj.account, 'gc-invitation',
'gajim-gc_invitation', event_type, text)
def forget_gpg_passphrase(self, keyid):
if keyid in self.gpg_passphrase:
......@@ -74,6 +74,9 @@ class Notification:
def __init__(self):
'notification', ged.GUI2, self._nec_notification)
'our-show', ged.GUI2, self._nec_our_status)
def _nec_notification(self, obj):
if obj.do_popup:
......@@ -95,6 +98,18 @@ def _nec_notification(self, obj):
except Exception:
def _on_event_removed(self, event_list):
for event in event_list:
if event.type_ == 'gc-invitation':
self.withdraw('gc-invitation', event.account, event.room_jid)
if event.type_ in ('normal', 'printed_chat', 'chat',
'printed_pm', 'pm'):
self.withdraw('new-message', event.account, event.jid)
def _nec_our_status(self, obj):
if app.account_is_connected(
def _get_icon_name(self, obj):
if obj.notif_type == 'msg':
if obj.base_event.mtype == 'pm':
......@@ -153,13 +168,28 @@ def popup(self, event_type, jid, account, type_='', icon_name=None,
#Button in notification
notification.add_button_with_target(_('Open'), action, variant_dict)
notification.set_default_action_and_target(action, variant_dict)
if event_type in (_('New Message'), _('New Single Message'),
# Only one notification per JID
if event_type in (_('Contact Signed In'), _('Contact Signed Out'),
_('Contact Changed Status')):
notif_id = self._id('contact-status-changed', account, jid)
elif event_type == _('Groupchat Invitation'):
notif_id = self._id('gc-invitation', account, jid)
elif event_type == _('Connection Failed'):
notif_id = self._id('connection-failed', account)
elif event_type in (_('New Message'), _('New Single Message'),
_('New Private Message')):
# Only one notification per JID
notif_id = jid
notif_id = self._id('new-message', account, jid)
notification.set_priority(Gio.NotificationPriority.NORMAL), notification)
def withdraw(self, *args):
if sys.platform != 'win32':*args))
def _id(self, *args):
return ','.join(args)
class PopupNotificationWindow:
def __init__(self, event_type, jid, account, msg_type='',
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