Commit e722ac2b authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Roster: Remove reconnect menuitem on groupchats

Fixes #10106
parent 9b3497de
...@@ -2973,15 +2973,6 @@ class RosterWindow: ...@@ -2973,15 +2973,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
ctrl.leave() ctrl.leave()
self.remove_groupchat(jid, account) self.remove_groupchat(jid, account)
def on_reconnect(self, widget, jid, account):
When reconnect menuitem is activated: join the room
if jid in app.interface.minimized_controls[account]:
ctrl = app.interface.minimized_controls[account][jid]
app.interface.join_gc_room(account, jid, ctrl.nick,
app.gc_passwords.get(jid, ''))
def on_send_single_message_menuitem_activate(self, widget, account, def on_send_single_message_menuitem_activate(self, widget, account,
contact=None): contact=None):
if contact is None: if contact is None:
...@@ -5121,12 +5112,6 @@ class RosterWindow: ...@@ -5121,12 +5112,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
account) account)
menu.append(rename_menuitem) menu.append(rename_menuitem)
if not app.gc_connected[account].get(jid, False):
connect_menuitem = Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_mnemonic(_(
connect_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_reconnect, jid,
disconnect_menuitem = Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_mnemonic(_( disconnect_menuitem = Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_mnemonic(_(
'_Leave')) '_Leave'))
disconnect_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_disconnect, jid, disconnect_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_disconnect, jid,
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