Commit e0a0669e authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

changelog for 0.12.2

parent 8159e120
Gajim 0.12.2 (XX June 2009)
* Better keepalive / ping behaviour
* Fix custom port handling
* Improve error messages handling
* Totem support for played music
* Fix SSL with some servers
* Handle XFCE notification-daemon
* Restore old behaviour of click on systray: left click to open events
* Network manager 0.7 support
* Move logs file under windows to $APPDATA/gajim
* Improve Kerberos support
* Many bugfixes here and there
* Add -c option to history_manager
Gajim 0.12.1 (21 December 2008)
* Fix filetransfer
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