Commit d5368d36 authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann
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fix: Avatar: Remove superfluous path

parent 0b2826d9
...@@ -469,11 +469,10 @@ def get_workspace_surface(self, ...@@ -469,11 +469,10 @@ def get_workspace_surface(self,
surface = self._load_surface_from_storage(avatar_sha, size, scale) surface = self._load_surface_from_storage(avatar_sha, size, scale)
if surface is not None: if surface is not None:
return clip(surface, 'round-corners') return clip(surface, 'round-corners')
# avatar_sha set, but image is missing # avatar_sha set, but image is missing
# (e.g. avatar cache deleted) # (e.g. avatar cache deleted)
app.settings.set_workspace_setting( app.settings.set_workspace_setting(workspace_id, 'avatar_sha', '')
workspace_id, 'avatar_sha', '')
rgba = make_rgba(color or DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_COLOR) rgba = make_rgba(color or DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_COLOR)
letter = name[:1].upper() letter = name[:1].upper()
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