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FileProps: Typing

parent ffa79c74
......@@ -17,48 +17,54 @@
from typing import Any # pylint: disable=unused-import
from typing import ClassVar # pylint: disable=unused-import
from typing import Dict # pylint: disable=unused-import
from typing import Tuple # pylint: disable=unused-import
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Callable
from typing import Literal
from typing import Optional
from typing import ClassVar
class FilesProp:
_files_props = {} # type: ClassVar[Dict[Tuple[str, str], Any]]
_files_props: ClassVar[dict[tuple[str, str], FileProp]] = {}
def __init__(self):
raise Exception('this class should not be instantiated')
def getNewFileProp(cls, account, sid):
def getNewFileProp(cls, account: str, sid: str) -> FileProp:
fp = FileProp(account, sid)
cls.setFileProp(fp, account, sid)
return fp
def getFileProp(cls, account, sid):
return cls._files_props.get(account, sid)
def getFileProp(cls, account: str, sid: str) -> Optional[FileProp]:
return cls._files_props.get((account, sid))
def getFilePropByAccount(cls, account):
def getFilePropByAccount(cls, account: str) -> list[FileProp]:
# Returns a list of file_props in one account
file_props = []
file_props: list[FileProp] = []
for account_, sid in cls._files_props:
if account_ == account:
file_props.append(cls._files_props[account, sid])
return file_props
def getFilePropByType(cls, type_, sid):
def getFilePropByType(cls,
type_: Literal['r', 's'],
sid: str
) -> Optional[FileProp]:
# This method should be deleted. Getting fileprop by type and sid is not
# unique enough. More than one fileprop might have the same type and sid
files_prop = cls.getAllFileProp()
for fp in files_prop:
if fp.type_ == type_ and fp.sid == sid:
return fp
return None
def getFilePropBySid(cls, sid):
def getFilePropBySid(cls, sid: str) -> Optional[FileProp]:
# This method should be deleted. It is kept to make things compatible
# This method should be replaced and instead get the file_props by
# account and sid
......@@ -66,99 +72,98 @@ def getFilePropBySid(cls, sid):
for fp in files_prop:
if fp.sid == sid:
return fp
return None
def getFilePropByTransportSid(cls, account, sid):
def getFilePropByTransportSid(cls,
account: str,
sid: str
) -> Optional[FileProp]:
files_prop = cls.getAllFileProp()
for fp in files_prop:
if fp.account == account and fp.transport_sid == sid:
return fp
return None
def getAllFileProp(cls):
def getAllFileProp(cls) -> list[FileProp]:
return list(cls._files_props.values())
def setFileProp(cls, fp, account, sid):
def setFileProp(cls, fp: FileProp, account: str, sid: str) -> None:
cls._files_props[account, sid] = fp
def deleteFileProp(cls, file_prop):
def deleteFileProp(cls, file_prop: FileProp) -> None:
files_props = cls._files_props
a = s = None
acc = sid_ = None
for key in files_props:
account, sid = key
fp = files_props[account, sid]
if fp is file_prop:
a = account
s = sid
if a is not None and s is not None:
del files_props[a, s]
acc = account
sid_ = sid
if acc is not None and sid_ is not None:
del files_props[acc, sid_]
class FileProp:
def __init__(self, account, sid):
# Do not instantiate this class directly. Call FilesProp.getNeFileProp
# instead
def __init__(self, account: str, sid: str) -> None:
# Do not instantiate this class directly!
# Call FilesProp.getNeFileProp instead
self.streamhosts = []
self.transfered_size = []
self.started = False
self.completed = False
self.paused = False
self.stalled = False
self.connected = False
self.stopped = False
self.is_a_proxy = False
self.transfered_size: list[int] = []
self.started: bool = False
self.completed: bool = False
self.paused: bool = False
self.stalled: bool = False
self.connected: bool = False
self.stopped: bool = False
self.is_a_proxy: bool = False
self.proxyhost = None
self.proxy_sender = None
self.proxy_receiver = None
self.streamhost_used = None
# method callback called in case of transfer failure
self.failure_cb = None
# method callback called when disconnecting
self.failure_cb: Optional[Callable[[str], None]] = None
self.disconnect_cb = None
self.continue_cb = None
self.sha_str = None
self.continue_cb: Optional[Callable[..., None]] = None
self.sha_str: Optional[str] = None
# transfer type: 's' for sending and 'r' for receiving
self.type_ = None
self.error = None
# Elapsed time of the file transfer
self.elapsed_time = 0
self.last_time = None
self.received_len = None
# full file path
self.file_name = None = None = None
self.desc = None
self.offset = None
self.sender = None
self.receiver = None
self.tt_account = None
self.size = None
self.type_: Optional[Literal['r', 's']] = None
self.error: Optional[int] = None
self.elapsed_time: float = 0 # Elapsed time of the file transfer
self.last_time: Optional[float] = None
self.received_len: Optional[int] = None
self.file_name: Optional[str] = None # full file path Optional[str] = None Optional[str] = None
self.desc: Optional[str] = None
self.offset: Optional[int] = None
self.sender: Optional[str] = None
self.receiver: Optional[str] = None
self.tt_account: Optional[str] = None
self.size: Optional[int] = None
self._sid = sid
self.transport_sid = None
self.transport_sid: Optional[str] = None
self.account = account
self.mime_type = None
self.algo = None
self.direction = None
self.syn_id = None
self.seq = None
self.hash_ = None
self.fd = None
self.startexmpp = None
self.mime_type: Optional[str] = None
self.algo: Optional[str] = None
self.direction: Optional[Literal['<', '>']] = None
self.syn_id: Optional[str] = None
self.seq: Optional[int] = None
self.hash_: Optional[str] = None
self.fd: Optional[int] = None
# Type of the session, if it is 'jingle' or 'si'
self.session_type = None
self.request_id = None
self.session_type: Optional[str] = None
self.request_id: Optional[str] = None
self.proxyhosts = None
self.dstaddr = None
def getsid(self):
def getsid(self) -> str:
# Getter of the property sid
return self._sid
def setsid(self, value):
def setsid(self, value: str) -> None:
# The sid value will change
# we need to change the in _files_props key as well
del FilesProp._files_props[self.account, self._sid]
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