Commit d0029580 authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann Committed by Philipp Hörist
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RosterWindow: Enable invite on drop to group chat

parent 4e47062a
......@@ -4271,8 +4271,12 @@ def _on_send_files(account, jid, uris):
if type_dest == 'groupchat':
# drop on a minimized groupchat
# TODO: Invite to groupchat if type_dest = contact
# Drop on a minimized groupchat
if type_source != 'contact':
contact_jid = data
con = app.connections[account_dest]
con.get_module('MUC').invite(jid_dest, contact_jid)
if type_source == 'group':
......@@ -4287,6 +4291,9 @@ def _on_send_files(account, jid, uris):
new_grp = grp_source_list[-1]
elif type_dest == 'group':
grp_dest = model[iter_dest][Column.JID]
# Don't allow to drop on e.g. Groupchats group
if grp_dest in helpers.special_groups:
grp_dest_list = grp_dest.split(delimiter)
# Do not allow to drop on a subgroup of source group
if grp_source_list[0] != grp_dest_list[0]:
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