Commit cfd108bf authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

bugfix in about dialog: destroy it when we press close

parent 5b1d7084
......@@ -454,16 +454,6 @@ class add_contact_window:
class About_dialog:
"""Class for about dialog"""
def delete_event(self, widget):
"""close window"""
#del['about'] # remove us from open windows
def on_close(self, widget):
"""When Close button is clicked"""
def __init__(self, plugin):
self.plugin = plugin
......@@ -487,16 +477,12 @@ GNU General Public License for more details.''')
rep =
, version='0.6', 'Nikos Kouremenos', 'The best GTK jabber-only client', '', 'Official Page', 'GPL', 'Yann')
#xml.signal_connect('gtk_widget_destroy', self.delete_event)
#xml.signal_connect('on_close_clicked', self.on_close)['about'] = self # add us to open windows
class Confirmation_dialog:
"""Class for confirmation dialog"""
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