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ChatControl: Fix invalid type error

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...@@ -813,12 +813,12 @@ def on_num_button_released(self, _released): ...@@ -813,12 +813,12 @@ def on_num_button_released(self, _released):
def on_mic_hscale_value_changed(self, _widget, value): def on_mic_hscale_value_changed(self, _widget, value):
self._get_audio_content().set_mic_volume(value / 100) self._get_audio_content().set_mic_volume(value / 100)
# Save volume to config # Save volume to config
app.settings.set('audio_input_volume', value) app.settings.set('audio_input_volume', int(value))
def on_sound_hscale_value_changed(self, _widget, value): def on_sound_hscale_value_changed(self, _widget, value):
self._get_audio_content().set_out_volume(value / 100) self._get_audio_content().set_out_volume(value / 100)
# Save volume to config # Save volume to config
app.settings.set('audio_output_volume', value) app.settings.set('audio_output_volume', int(value))
def on_location_eventbox_button_release_event(self, _widget, _event): def on_location_eventbox_button_release_event(self, _widget, _event):
if 'geoloc' in if 'geoloc' in
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