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Gajim 1.1.1 (10 December 2018)
Bug fixes
* 9427 Placeholder not cleared if pasting text into message input
* 9444 Determine the delay timestamp correctly when using mam:1
* 9453 Fix opening links inside the group chat subject (MacOS/Windows)
* 9465 Allow the full range of possible nicknames in group chats
* 9067 Gajim crashes when receiving xhtml messages
* 9472 Handle presences without from attr correctly
* 9473 Error when creating a new group chat
* 9491 Identify group chat subject changes correctly
* Determine soundplayer correctly on unix systems
* In some circumstances plugins could not be deleted
* Show correct contact status on tabs
* Dont answer group chat receipt requests
* Fix receipts for private messages
* Pressing the back button in the Accounts window leads to an error
* Better handle not available keyring backends
* Dont show incorrect contact on private messages
Gajim 1.1.0 (06 November 2018)
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