Commit c311183d authored by nkour's avatar nkour

fix so we mark new jids if they are room as room-type

parent 7ad4ff28
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ def visit(arg, dirname, filenames):
for filename in filenames:
# Don't take this file into account, this is dup info
# notifications are also in contact log file
if filename == 'notify.log':
if filename in ('notify.log', 'readme'):
filename = decode_string(filename)
if not filename:
......@@ -150,14 +150,14 @@ def visit(arg, dirname, filenames):
jid = get_jid(dirname, filename)
if filename == os.path.basename(dirname): # gajim@conf/gajim@conf then gajim@conf is type room
type = constants.JID_ROOM_TYPE
print 'marking jid as of type room'
print 'Processing', jid, 'of type room'
type = constants.JID_NORMAL_TYPE
print 'marking jid as of type normal'
print 'Processing', jid, 'of type normal'
print 'Processing', jid
# jid is already in the DB, don't create a new row, just get his jid_id
if jid in jids_already_in:
cur.execute('SELECT jid_id FROM jids WHERE jid = "%s"' % jid)
......@@ -118,25 +118,31 @@ class Logger:
(possible_room_jid, constants.JID_ROOM_TYPE))
row = cur.fetchone()
if row is not None:
print 'PM!!'
return True
print ' NO PM!!'
return False
def get_jid_id(self, jid):
def get_jid_id(self, jid, typestr = None):
'''jids table has jid and jid_id
logs table has log_id, jid_id, contact_name, time, kind, show, message
so to ask logs we need jid_id that matches our jid in jids table
this method asks jid and returns the jid_id for later sql-ing on logs
if jid.find('/') != -1: # if it has a /
is_pm = self.jid_is_from_pm(jid)
if not is_pm: # it's normal jid with resource
jid_is_from_pm = self.jid_is_from_pm(jid)
if not jid_is_from_pm: # it's normal jid with resource
jid = jid.split('/', 1)[0] # remove the resource
if jid in self.jids_already_in: # we already have jids in DB
cur.execute('SELECT jid_id FROM jids WHERE jid="%s"' % jid)
jid_id = cur.fetchone()[0]
else: # oh! a new jid :), we add it now
cur.execute('INSERT INTO jids (jid) VALUES (?)', (jid,))
if typestr == 'ROOM':
typ = constants.JID_ROOM_TYPE
typ = constants.JID_NORMAL_TYPE
cur.execute('INSERT INTO jids (jid, type) VALUES (?, ?)', (jid, typ))
jid_id = cur.lastrowid
......@@ -249,15 +255,17 @@ class Logger:
time_col = int(float(time.time()))
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid)
kind_col, show_col = self.convert_human_values_to_db_api_values(kind, show)
kind_col, show_col = self.convert_human_values_to_db_api_values(kind,
# now we may have need to do extra care for some values in columns
if kind == 'status': # we store (not None) time, jid, show, msg
# status for roster items
if show is None:
show_col = constants.SHOW_ONLINE
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid)
elif kind == 'gcstatus':
# status in ROOM (for pm status see status)
......@@ -265,7 +273,7 @@ class Logger:
show_col = constants.SHOW_ONLINE
jid, nick = jid.split('/', 1)
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid) # re-get jid_id for the new jid
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid, 'ROOM') # re-get jid_id for the new jid
contact_name_col = nick
elif kind == 'gc_msg':
......@@ -275,9 +283,11 @@ class Logger:
# it's server message f.e. error message
# when user tries to ban someone but he's not allowed to
nick = None
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid) # re-get jid_id for the new jid
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid, 'ROOM') # re-get jid_id for the new jid
contact_name_col = nick
jid_id = self.get_jid_id(jid)
values = (jid_id, contact_name_col, time_col, kind_col, show_col,
message_col, subject_col)
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