Commit af9552d7 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Fix Autoscroll (for real this time)

Fixes #8992
parent 6207e607
......@@ -1268,9 +1268,26 @@ def _on_scroll(self, widget, event):
# On scrolliung UP disable autoscroll
# has_direction is on some systems always False
# so we cant use it
# get_scroll_direction() sets has_direction only TRUE
# if smooth scrolling is deactivated. If we have smooth
# smooth scrolling we have to use get_scroll_deltas()
has_direction, direction = event.get_scroll_direction()
if not has_direction:
direction = None
smooth, delta_x, delta_y = event.get_scroll_deltas()
if smooth:
if delta_y < 0:
direction = Gdk.ScrollDirection.UP
elif delta_y > 0:
direction = Gdk.ScrollDirection.DOWN
elif delta_x < 0:
direction = Gdk.ScrollDirection.LEFT
elif delta_x > 0:
direction = Gdk.ScrollDirection.RIGHT
'Scroll directions cant be determined')
if direction != Gdk.ScrollDirection.UP:
# Check if we have a Scrollbar
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