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Update feature list in appdata.xml

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......@@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ run-pylint:
- pylint --version
- scripts/dev/ --jobs=2 gajim
stage: test
- appstream-util validate data/
stage: build
......@@ -7,32 +7,37 @@
<summary>A GTK+ Jabber client</summary>
<summary>A GTK+ XMPP client</summary>
<p>Gajim is a chat client to be used with, Live Journal Talk,
Nimbuzz, Ovi, Talkonaut, and thousands of other services
run by companies and ISPs, and volunteers around the world.
<p>Gajim aims to be an easy to use and fully-featured XMPP client.
With Gajim you can chat through various XMPP services of your choice
(e.g. as well as transports (e.g. Facebook, IRC).
<p>If you have a few accounts on different servers, if you want to be in
contact with your friends and family all the time, then Gajim is for you.
<p>Just chat with your friends or family, easily share pictures and
thoughts or discuss the news with your groups.
<p>Gajim integrates well with your other devices: just chat and see what's
been said on your mobile device.
<li>Tabbed chat window and single window modes</li>
<li>Group chat support (with Multi-User Chat protocol), invitation, chat to group chat transformation</li>
<li>Emojis, avatars, PEP (user activity, mood and tune)</li>
<li>Audio / video conferences</li>
<li>File transfer, room bookmarks</li>
<li>Metacontacts support</li>
<li>Trayicon, speller, extended chat history functionalities</li>
<li>TLS, GPG and End-To-End encryption support</li>
<li>Transport registration support</li>
<li>Service discovery including nodes, user search</li>
<li>Wikipedia, dictionary and search engine lookup</li>
<li>Multiple accounts support</li>
<li>XML console interface</li>
<li>Link local (bonjour / zeroconf), BOSH</li>
<li>Other features via plugins </li>
<li>Never miss a message, keep all your chat clients synchronized</li>
<li>Invite friends to group chats or join one</li>
<li>Easily send pictures, videos or other files to friends and groups</li>
<li>Chat securely with End-to-End encryption via OMEMO or PGP</li>
<li>Use your favorite emoticons, set your own profile picture</li>
<li>Keep and manage all your chat history</li>
<li>Organize your chats with tabs</li>
<li>Automatic spell-checking for your messages</li>
<li>Connect to other Messengers via Transports (Facebook, IRC, ...)</li>
<li>Lookup things on Wikipedia, dictionaries or other search engines directly from the chat window</li>
<li>Set your activity, tune, and mood to show your friends how you are feeling</li>
<li>Support for multiple accounts</li>
<li>Group multiple contacts from one friend to a single Meta-Contact</li>
<li>XML console to see what's happening on the protocol layer</li>
<li>Serverless messaging (Bonjour/Zeroconf), BOSH</li>
<li>Support for service discovery including nodes and search for users</li>
<li>Even more features via plugins</li>
......@@ -43,7 +48,7 @@
<screenshot type="default">
<caption>Roster, list of contacts</caption>
......@@ -69,7 +74,7 @@
<url type="homepage"></url>
<url type="bugtracker"></url>
<url type="faq"></url>
<url type="help"></url>
<url type="help"></url>
<url type="donation"></url>
<url type="translate"></url>
<translation type="gettext">gajim</translation>
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