Commit 9926d961 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

do not delay the import of libxml2, it's needed by gst. Fixes #7836

parent b7a09e71
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ demandimport.ignore += ['gobject._gobject', 'libasyncns', 'i18n',
'logging.NullHandler', 'dbus.service', 'OpenSSL.SSL', 'OpenSSL.crypto',
'common.sleepy', 'DLFCN', 'dl', 'xml.sax', 'xml.sax.handler', 'ic',
'Crypto.PublicKey', 'IPython', 'contextlib', 'imp', 'gst.interfaces',
'monotonic', 'gtkexcepthook']
'libxml2', 'libxml2mod', 'monotonic', 'gtkexcepthook']
if == 'nt':
import locale
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