Commit 97371d38 authored by nkour's avatar nkour

ACE: restored_messages_color. you can now configure from grey to blue, red, green whatever you like

parent 359824be
......@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@ class Config:
'ask_avatars_on_startup': [opt_bool, True, _('If True, Gajim will ask for avatar each contact that did not have an avatar last time or has one cache that is too old.')],
'print_status_in_chats': [opt_bool, True, _('If False, you will no longer see status line in chats when a contact changes his or her status and/or his status message.')],
'log_contact_status_changes': [opt_bool, True],
'restored_messages_color': [opt_str, 'grey'],
__options_per_key = {
......@@ -94,8 +94,9 @@ def __init__(self, account):
tag = buffer.create_tag('small')
tag.set_property('scale', pango.SCALE_SMALL)
tag = buffer.create_tag('grey')
tag.set_property('foreground', '#9e9e9e')
tag = buffer.create_tag('restored_message')
color = gajim.config.get('restored_messages_color')
tag.set_property('foreground', color)
tag = buffer.create_tag('url')
tag.set_property('foreground', '#0000ff')
......@@ -917,8 +917,8 @@ def restore_conversation(self, jid):
tim = time.localtime(float(row[0]))
self.print_conversation_line(row[2], jid, kind, name, tim,
['small'], ['small', 'grey'], ['small', 'grey'], False)
chat.Chat.print_conversation_line(self, row[2], jid, kind, name, tim,
['small'], ['small', 'restored_message'], ['small', 'restored_message'], False)
if len(rows):
conv_textview = self.conversation_textviews[jid]
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