Commit 911aaa1f authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann

Remove PlainConnectionDialog

parent 0a3bd34e
......@@ -319,31 +319,6 @@ def is_checked(self):
return [is_checked_1, is_checked_2]
class PlainConnectionDialog(ConfirmationDialogDoubleCheck):
Dialog that is shown when using an insecure connection
def __init__(self, account, on_ok, on_cancel):
pritext = _('Insecure connection')
sectext = _('You are about to connect to the account %(account)s '
'(%(server)s) insecurely. This means conversations will not be '
'encrypted, and is strongly discouraged.\nAre you sure you want '
'to do that?') % {'account': account,
'server': app.get_hostname_from_account(account)}
checktext1 = _('Yes, I really want to connect insecurely')
tooltip1 = _('Gajim will NOT connect unless you check this box')
checktext2 = _('_Do not ask me again')
ConfirmationDialogDoubleCheck.__init__(self, pritext, sectext,
checktext1, checktext2, tooltip1=tooltip1, on_response_ok=on_ok,
on_response_cancel=on_cancel, is_modal=False)
self.ok_button = self.get_widget_for_response(Gtk.ResponseType.OK)
self.checkbutton1.connect('clicked', self.on_checkbutton_clicked)
self.set_title(_('Insecure connection'))
def on_checkbutton_clicked(self, widget):
class ConfirmationDialogDoubleRadio(ConfirmationDialog):
HIG compliant confirmation dialog with 2 radios
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