Commit 8e985d06 authored by nkour's avatar nkour

add tlen and do better detection for gadugadu [thanks to da.killa]

parent b9259399
......@@ -192,6 +192,8 @@ class RosterWindow:
state_images = self.transports_state_images['aim']
elif host.startswith('gadugadu'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['gadugadu']
elif host.startswith('gg'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['gadugadu']
elif host.startswith('irc'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['irc']
elif host.startswith('icq'): # will match as ICQ, but what to do..
......@@ -200,6 +202,8 @@ class RosterWindow:
state_images = self.transports_state_images['msn']
elif host.startswith('sms'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['sms']
elif host.startswith('tlen'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['tlen']
elif host.startswith('yahoo'):
state_images = self.transports_state_images['yahoo']
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