Commit 840dc749 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Remove unused code

parent d8101ac4
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......@@ -150,26 +150,6 @@ class OptionsParser:
app.config.set('version', new_version)
def update_ft_proxies(to_remove=None, to_add=None):
if to_remove is None:
to_remove = []
if to_add is None:
to_add = []
for account in app.config.get_per('accounts'):
proxies_str = app.config.get_per('accounts', account,
proxies = [p.strip() for p in proxies_str.split(',')]
for wrong_proxy in to_remove:
if wrong_proxy in proxies:
for new_proxy in to_add:
if new_proxy not in proxies:
proxies_str = ', '.join(proxies)
app.config.set_per('accounts', account, 'file_transfer_proxies',
def update_config_to_01641(self):
for account in self.old_values['accounts'].keys():
connection_types = self.old_values['accounts'][account][
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