Commit 7e115109 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Helpers: Refactor is_affiliation_change_allowed()

- Allow target_aff passed as str and Affiliation
parent 1b52bb71
......@@ -1175,9 +1175,11 @@ def get_groupchat_name(client: types.Client, jid: Union[str, JID]) -> str:
def is_affiliation_change_allowed(self_contact: types.GroupchatParticipant,
contact: types.GroupchatParticipant,
target_aff: Affiliation) -> bool:
target_aff: Union[str, Affiliation]) -> bool:
if isinstance(target_aff, str):
target_aff = Affiliation(target_aff)
if contact.affiliation.value == target_aff:
if contact.affiliation == target_aff:
# Contact has already the target affiliation
return False
......@@ -1187,9 +1189,10 @@ def is_affiliation_change_allowed(self_contact: types.GroupchatParticipant,
if not self_contact.affiliation.is_admin:
return False
if target_aff in ('admin', 'owner'):
if target_aff in (Affiliation.OWNER, Affiliation.ADMIN):
# Admin can’t edit admin/owner list
return False
return self_contact.affiliation > contact.affiliation
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