Commit 767dc426 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

add comment in xmpp_stringprep

parent 004c2b54
......@@ -162,9 +162,24 @@ def check_bidirectionals(self, string):
class NamePrep:
""" Implements nameprep on international domain names.
STD3ASCIIRules is assumed true in this implementation.
""" Implements preparation of internationalized domain names.
This class implements preparing internationalized domain names using the
rules defined in RFC 3491, section 4 (Conversion operations).
We do not perform step 4 since we deal with unicode representations of
domain names and do not convert from or to ASCII representations using
punycode encoding. When such a conversion is needed, the L{idna} standard
library provides the C{ToUnicode()} and C{ToASCII()} functions. Note that
L{idna} itself assumes UseSTD3ASCIIRules to be false.
The following steps are performed by C{prepare()}:
* Split the domain name in labels at the dots (RFC 3490, 3.1)
* Apply nameprep proper on each label (RFC 3491)
* Enforce the restrictions on ASCII characters in host names by
assuming STD3ASCIIRules to be true. (STD 3)
* Rejoin the labels using the label separator U+002E (full stop).
# Prohibited characters.
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