Commit 64387339 authored by Mateusz Biliński's avatar Mateusz Biliński

Fixed bug when national character (non-ASCII) was entered which search string...

Fixed bug when national character (non-ASCII) was entered which search string in ACE (comparison with descriptions, which are unicode, was not possible). It seems that this was Win32 specific (tested on Vista64).
parent ab7de679
...@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ def fill_model(self, node=None, parent=None): ...@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ def fill_model(self, node=None, parent=None):
self.model.append(parent, [name, value, type_]) self.model.append(parent, [name, value, type_])
def visible_func(self, model, treeiter): def visible_func(self, model, treeiter):
search_string = self.entry.get_text().lower() search_string = self.entry.get_text().decode('utf-8').lower()
for it in tree_model_pre_order(model,treeiter): for it in tree_model_pre_order(model,treeiter):
if model[it][C_TYPE] != '': if model[it][C_TYPE] != '':
opt_path = self.get_option_path(model, it) opt_path = self.get_option_path(model, it)
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