Commit 5b1d7084 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

bugfix in about window

parent 4cf50119
......@@ -725,12 +725,13 @@ class plugin:
self.basic_pattern = links + mail + formatting
def on_launch_browser_mailer(self, widget, url, kind):
self.launch_browser_mailer(kind, url)
def __init__(self, quIN, quOUT):
#(asterix) I don't have pygtk 2.6 for the moment, so I cannot test
# gtk.about_dialog_set_email_hook(self.launch_browser_mailer, 'mail')
# gtk.about_dialog_set_url_hook(self.launch_browser_mailer, 'url')
gtk.about_dialog_set_email_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'mail')
gtk.about_dialog_set_url_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'url')
self.queueIN = quIN
self.queueOUT = quOUT
self.send('REG_MESSAGE', 'gtkgui', ['ROSTER', 'WARNING', 'STATUS', \
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