Commit 59b3b3ae authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

do not create Event when we auto popup a normal message. Fixes #8645

parent 9e4d3c75
......@@ -247,18 +247,24 @@ def roster_message2(self, obj):
# We have a ChatControl open
obj.show_in_roster = False
obj.show_in_systray = False
do_event = False
elif obj.forwarded and obj.sent:
# Its a Carbon Copied Message we sent
obj.show_in_roster = False
obj.show_in_systray = False, fjid, types=['chat'])
do_event = False
# Everything else
obj.show_in_roster = notify.get_show_in_roster(event_type,, contact, self)
obj.show_in_systray = notify.get_show_in_systray(event_type,, contact)
if obj.mtype == 'normal' and not obj.popup:
do_event = False
do_event = True
if do_event:
event = event_t(obj.msgtxt, obj.subject, obj.mtype, obj.timestamp,
obj.encrypted, obj.resource, obj.msg_log_id,
correct_id=(obj.id_, obj.correct_id), xhtml=obj.xhtml,
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