Commit 5433b2a2 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Always pass utf8 encoded strings to python-gnupg

self.encoding which we set in the init is only intended
to decode gpg´s stderr which uses a system specific encoding.

if we dont encode the data we pass to python-gnupg ourself, it will fallback and use self.encoding.
This might be of no concern if self.encoding is set to 'utf8' and when we are on Linux
which has a preferred encoding of 'utf8'.

But if we are on Windows the preferred encoding for stderr
is most of the time not 'utf8'. If python-gnupg tries to decode a stderr stream that is for example
encoded with 'cp1252' with our set encoding of 'utf8' this will fail.

The solution is to pre-encode the data before we pass it to python-gnupg, so it does not have to
use self.encoding as a fallback. And set self.encoding='latin1' because latin1 will not yield exceptions
on decoding errors. Also gpg itself will fallback to latin1 as stderr encoding when it cant determine the
preferred encoding of a system.

self.decode_errors is used for something differently, and has no influence on the situation.

Fixes #8644
parent 35f8893b
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ def encrypt(self, str_, recipients, always_trust=False):
return '', 'NOT_TRUSTED ' + key['keyid'][-8:]
trust = True
result = super(GnuPG, self).encrypt(str_, recipients,
result = super(GnuPG, self).encrypt(str_.encode('utf8'), recipients,
always_trust=trust, passphrase=self.passphrase)
if result.ok:
......@@ -71,13 +71,13 @@ def encrypt(self, str_, recipients, always_trust=False):
def decrypt(self, str_, keyID):
data = self._addHeaderFooter(str_, 'MESSAGE')
result = super(GnuPG, self).decrypt(data,
result = super(GnuPG, self).decrypt(data.encode('utf8'),
return str(result)
def sign(self, str_, keyID):
result = super(GnuPG, self).sign(str_, keyid=keyID, detach=True,
result = super(GnuPG, self).sign(str_.encode('utf8'), keyid=keyID, detach=True,
if result.fingerprint:
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ def verify(self, str_, sign):
self._addHeaderFooter(sign, 'SIGNATURE')]
result = super(GnuPG, self).verify(data)
result = super(GnuPG, self).verify(data.encode('utf8'))
if result.valid:
return result.key_id
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