Commit 47f1f419 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Dont use mutable objects as default arguments

parent 086eeb3d
......@@ -913,7 +913,7 @@ def save_message(self, message, msg_type):
self.received_history_pos = pos
def print_conversation_line(self, text, kind, name, tim,
other_tags_for_name=[], other_tags_for_time=[], other_tags_for_text=[],
other_tags_for_name=None, other_tags_for_time=None, other_tags_for_text=None,
count_as_new=True, subject=None, old_kind=None, xhtml=None, simple=False,
xep0184_id=None, graphics=True, displaymarking=None, msg_log_id=None,
msg_stanza_id=None, correct_id=None, additional_data=None,
......@@ -1353,11 +1353,13 @@ def print_subject(self, subject, iter_=None):
buffer_.insert(end_iter, subject)
def print_real_text(self, text, text_tags=[], name=None, xhtml=None,
def print_real_text(self, text, text_tags=None, name=None, xhtml=None,
graphics=True, mark=None, additional_data=None):
Add normal and special text. call this to add text
if text_tags is None:
text_tags = []
if additional_data is None:
additional_data = {}
buffer_ =
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