Commit 40944944 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Websocket: Don’t add port to custom url

Fixes #10327
parent 78482964
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......@@ -1335,13 +1335,13 @@ def get_custom_host(account):
port = app.settings.get_account_setting(account, 'custom_port')
type_ = app.settings.get_account_setting(account, 'custom_type')
protocol = ConnectionProtocol.TCP
if host.startswith('ws://') or host.startswith('wss://'):
protocol = ConnectionProtocol.WEBSOCKET
host = f'{host}:{port}'
protocol = ConnectionProtocol.TCP
return ('%s:%s' % (host, port),
return (host, protocol, ConnectionType(type_))
def warn_about_plain_connection(account, connection_types):
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