Commit 354b4f17 authored by sb's avatar sb

changed zeroconf account name to local,

properties window fixes,
use all fields from it in txt record,
saving prefs automatically reconnects
parent c180efba
......@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@ status_before_autoaway = {}
SHOW_LIST = ['offline', 'connecting', 'online', 'chat', 'away', 'xa', 'dnd',
# zeroconf account name
LOCAL_ACC = 'local'
def get_nick_from_jid(jid):
pos = jid.find('@')
return jid[:pos]
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
self.bookmarks = []
#we don't need a password, but must be non-empty
self.password = 'zeroconf'
self.password = gajim.LOCAL_ACC
#XXX use that somewhere
self.autoconnect = False
......@@ -88,37 +88,40 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
self.retrycount = 0
self.jids_for_auto_auth = [] # list of jid to auto-authorize
self.zeroconf = zeroconf.Zeroconf(self._on_new_service, self._on_remove_service, self.username,, self.port)
self.muc_jid = {} # jid of muc server for each transport type
self.vcard_supported = False
def get_config_values_or_default(self):
''' get name, host, port from config, or
create zeroconf account with default values'''
if not gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'name'):
if not gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'name'):
print 'Creating zeroconf account'
gajim.config.add_per('accounts', 'zeroconf')
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'autoconnect', True)
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'no_log_for', '')
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'password', 'zeroconf')
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'sync_with_global_status', True)
username = unicode(getpass.getuser())
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'name', username)
gajim.config.add_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC)
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'autoconnect', True)
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'no_log_for', '')
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'password', 'zeroconf')
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'sync_with_global_status', True)
self.username = unicode(getpass.getuser())
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'name', self.username)
#XXX make sure host is US-ASCII
host = unicode(socket.gethostname())
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'hostname', host)
port = 5298
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'custom_port', port)
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'is_zeroconf', True) = unicode(socket.gethostname())
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'hostname',
self.port = 5298
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'custom_port', self.port)
gajim.config.set_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'is_zeroconf', True)
username = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'name')
host = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'hostname')
port = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'custom_port')
self.autoconnect = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'autoconnect')
self.sync_with_global_status = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'sync_with_global_status')
self.no_log_for = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 'zeroconf', 'no_log_for')
self.zeroconf = zeroconf.Zeroconf(self._on_new_service, self._on_remove_service, username, host, port)
self.username = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'name') = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'hostname')
self.port = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'custom_port')
self.autoconnect = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'autoconnect')
self.sync_with_global_status = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'sync_with_global_status')
self.no_log_for = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'no_log_for')
self.first = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'zeroconf_first_name')
self.last = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'zeroconf_last_name')
self.jabber_id = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'zeroconf_jabber_id') = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', gajim.LOCAL_ACC, 'zeroconf_email')
# END __init__
def put_event(self, ev):
......@@ -190,8 +193,19 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
# keyID, timestamp))
self.dispatch('NOTIFY', (jid, 'offline', '', 'local', 0, None, 0))
def connect(self, data = None, show = 'online', msg = ''):
self.zeroconf.txt['status'] = show
self.zeroconf.txt['msg'] = msg
self.zeroconf.txt['1st'] = self.first
self.zeroconf.txt['last'] = self.last
self.zeroconf.txt['jid'] = self.jabber_id
self.zeroconf.txt['email'] =
self.zeroconf.username = self.username =
self.zeroconf.port = self.port
def connect(self, data = None, show = 'online'):
if self.connection:
return self.connection, ''
......@@ -211,16 +225,11 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
self.call_resolve_timeout = True
gobject.timeout_add(10000, self._on_resolve_timeout)
#TODO: display visual notification that we could not connect to avahi
def connect_and_init(self, show, msg, signed):
self.continue_connect_info = [show, msg, signed]
self.zeroconf.txt['status'] = show
self.zeroconf.txt['msg'] = msg
notify.popup(_('Connection problem:'), gajim.LOCAL_ACC, None,
title=_('Can not get connection'),
text=_('Please check if avahi-daemon is running.') )
self.dispatch('STATUS', 'offline')
self.status = 'offline'
def disconnect(self, on_purpose = False):
self.connected = 0
......@@ -233,15 +242,23 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
self.call_resolve_timeout = False
def reconnect(self):
status = self.status
if status != 'offline':
msg = self.zeroconf.txt['msg']
self.change_status('offline', msg)
self.change_status(status, msg)
def change_status(self, show, msg, sync = False, auto = False):
if not show in STATUS_LIST:
return -1
self.status = show
check = True #to check for errors from zeroconf
# 'connect'
if show != 'offline' and not self.connected:
self.connect_and_init(show, msg, '')
self.connect(None, show, msg)
if show != 'invisible':
check = self.zeroconf.announce()
......@@ -270,11 +287,11 @@ class ConnectionZeroconf(ConnectionHandlersZeroconf):
if check:
self.dispatch('STATUS', show)
# self.dispatch('ERROR', 'Could not change status. Please check if avahi-daemon is running.')
notify.popup(_('Connection problem:'), 'zeroconf', None,
notify.popup(_('Connection problem:'), gajim.LOCAL_ACC, None,
title=_('Could not change status'),
text=_('Please check if avahi-daemon is running.') )
self.dispatch('STATUS', 'offline')
self.status = 'offline'
def get_status(self):
return STATUS_LIST[self.connected]
......@@ -106,8 +106,8 @@ class Zeroconf:
return items
def service_resolved_callback(self, interface, protocol, name, stype, domain, host, aprotocol, address, port, txt, flags):
#print "Service data for service '%s' in domain '%s' on %i.%i:" % (name, domain, interface, protocol)
#print "\tHost %s (%s), port %i, TXT data: %s" % (host, address, port, avahi.txt_array_to_string_array(txt))
# print "Service data for service '%s' in domain '%s' on %i.%i:" % (name, domain, interface, protocol)
# print "\tHost %s (%s), port %i, TXT data: %s" % (host, address, port, avahi.txt_array_to_string_array(txt))
bare_name = name
if name.find('@') == -1:
name = name + '@' + name
......@@ -127,8 +127,8 @@ class Zeroconf:
# different handler when resolving all contacts
def service_resolved_all_callback(self, interface, protocol, name, stype, domain, host, aprotocol, address, port, txt, flags):
#print "Service data for service '%s' in domain '%s' on %i.%i:" % (name, domain, interface, protocol)
#print "\tHost %s (%s), port %i, TXT data: %s" % (host, address, port, str(avahi.txt_array_to_string_array(txt)))
# print "Service data for service '%s' in domain '%s' on %i.%i:" % (name, domain, interface, protocol)
# print "\tHost %s (%s), port %i, TXT data: %s" % (host, address, port, str(avahi.txt_array_to_string_array(txt)))
bare_name = name
if name.find('@') == -1:
name = name + '@' + name
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1853,13 +1853,11 @@ class Interface:
gajim.proxy65_manager = proxy65_manager.Proxy65Manager(gajim.idlequeue)
if gajim.config.get('enable_zeroconf'):
gajim.connections['zeroconf'] = common.zeroconf.connection_zeroconf.ConnectionZeroconf('zeroconf')
gajim.connections[gajim.LOCAL_ACC] = common.zeroconf.connection_zeroconf.ConnectionZeroconf(gajim.LOCAL_ACC)
for account in gajim.config.get_per('accounts'):
if account != 'zeroconf':
if account != gajim.LOCAL_ACC:
gajim.connections[account] = common.connection.Connection(account)
gtk.about_dialog_set_email_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'mail')
gtk.about_dialog_set_url_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'url')
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