Commit 1886fda5 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Set lock_image from pixbuf instead of filepath

Fixes #8673
parent 59b3b3ae
......@@ -2314,12 +2314,13 @@ def _show_lock_image(self, visible, enc_type='', enc_enabled=False,
if authenticated:
#About encrypted chat session
authenticated_string = _('and authenticated')
img_path = gtkgui_helpers.get_icon_path('security-high')
pixbuf = gtkgui_helpers.get_icon_pixmap('security-high')
#About encrypted chat session
authenticated_string = _('and NOT authenticated')
img_path = gtkgui_helpers.get_icon_path('security-low')
pixbuf = gtkgui_helpers.get_icon_pixmap('security-low')
#status will become 'is' or 'is not', authentificaed will become
#'and authentificated' or 'and not authentificated', logged will become
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